Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekend in the West

Sometimes sheep will wait their turn

Saturday I enjoyed working at the Auburn farmer's market (beef and sausage this week!), then sweated through moving sheep in Rocklin in the afternoon. I absolutely admire people (and animals) who work and live outdoors everyday; a life so weather dependent, so different from working in a temperature controlled office, with a ceiling.

After I was done in sheep-land, I headed out of town (via a drive around shimmering North Lake Tahoe) to visit a friend in the pretty and quiet desert town of Minden, NV.
On Dan's recommendation, we sat down to dinner at JT Basque, a local family style restaurant, no menu necessary. We received a green beer bottle filled with red wine and shot glasses to drink it from; then bread, soup, salad, beans, french fries, beef stew, a choice of entree (I had roasted rabbit and carrots, my friend tried lamb chops for the first time), ice cream and coffee! The food was well prepared and full of flavor and the company was awesome and we had leftovers, yay.  

And yet, the weekend was not over. For the 4th, we went to a beef brisket bbq at Dan's and I hardly have to say, the food was great!

I had a hard time putting my fork down long enough to get a picutre

The dogs got to have a little fun working sheep (a border collie's most favorite thing to do).  Watching everyone else with their fantastic dogs really gets me thinking... 

Paul and his new border collie, Ben 

 The littlest shepherdess

A weekend filled with family, friends and food, I don't think it could have been any better!

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