Thursday, March 31, 2011

Little bit of ag, little bit of culture...

Last Saturday was one of those epically long days that you look back at and think, “How did I ever do all that without a nap?”

It started with a 6am wake-up call to a soggy day, to get out to the Auburn farmers market by 7...well more like 7:20.  Dan already had the market stand set up, ready to sell mutton sausage and racks of lamb (yum!). Dan owns Flying Mule Farms, a local, grass fed sheep and goat operation out of Auburn. I have been interning with him on Saturdays for a couple months now and relishing the experience.  There is certainly a lot to learn about sheep, farming and agriculture for someone with limited exposure to these things!

Four hours and two drool worthy scones later, we were sold out and packing up the truck. Then we were off to check on the ewes and their young lambs, feed the guardian dogs and do some other chores while trying not to get totally soaked in the rain.

The work day ended about 4:30pm and I was off like a shot to pick up my things from my folks house where I crashed the night before, then back to Sacramento where I live and work during the week.

My beau had a wonderful homemade dinner ready when I got home, and mmmmm spaghetti never tasted so good! We had tickets to the Sacramento Ballet that evening (a gracious Christmas gift) and we made it there with seconds to spare.  The ballet is always amazing, inspiring, and stirring and Saturday’s performance of “Icons and Innovators” was no exception. I highly recommend checking out a performance if you have never been; the Sacramento Ballet dancers will not disappoint.

And then, the icing on the cake ~well more like the topping on the yogurt~ we stopped by our favorite dessert spot in Sacramento, Yogurt-a-go-go and loaded cups with mango, euro tart and blueberry cheesecake yogurt, tons of fruit, caramel, sprinkles – you name it.

What a sweet finish to a sweet day!