Sunday, February 19, 2012

Layers of a farm

Toluma Farms has many layers to it besides just goats. They include enterprises like pasture management, growing oat hay, giving lots of public tours and raising beef cattle. One of the Farms most profitable layers quite literally lay a variety of beautiful eggs. Here is a look at the fowl of Toluma Farms and the valuable little nuggets they produce.

Buff Orpington rooster - no eggs from him

Welsummer hen - lay the beautiful brown speckled eggs (my favorite!)

Black Sex Link hen - lay brown eggs

Golden Laced Wyandotte hen - lay brown eggs

Rhode Island Red hen - lay brown eggs

Barred Rock hen - lay brown eggs

Light Brahma rooster & hens - lay brown eggs

Ameraucana hen - lay the green eggs

Ancona hen - lay the white eggs

And while our resident peacock is not much of an egg layer, he sure is a stunner...too bad the goats don't really appreciate his display!