Friday, July 15, 2011

My Ideal Life

Farming, family and vacation, need I say more? But I will...

I finally got a chance to catch up with our not-so-little lambs. I haven't seen them since I chose them over a month ago because they have moved up the hill to a beautiful irrigated pasture in Nevada City. My ewe lamb (eventual breeding stock) was sheared earlier in the week and Matt's market lamb (eventual grass-fed dinner) will be sheared next week. Dan decided to shear all the lambs himself this year; less wool means the animals won't lounge around in the shade as much, thus prompting more eating and ensuring quicker weight gains.

Need to work on my showing skills

Matt's wether was more compliant
One of the other lambs was bitten by a rattlesnake, so I got some practice giving an antibiotic shot.  This makes me nervous but is an essential skill when raising livestock, so the more practice I can get under supervision the better. And I keep reminding myself that giving a shot is more caring than letting the lamb get sick or lose a limb.

Later that weekend, on a mini-vacation with family at Lake Tahoe, I chanced to see a sign for the King's Beach farmer's market that would be open the next day, so a group of us went.

The King's Beach market was much smaller than the Auburn market (11 stalls), but the location can't be beat. There were even two vendors there who also frequent the Auburn market.

 And though it's always a little sad to come home from a vacation, the sunset drive through the Sierra mountains was breathtaking.

A final moment of bliss, Matt asked me to marry him! (I said yes, of course!)

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