Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Currant Situation

I didn't even know what a currant looked like until a couple days ago, but apparently they grow like green beans in a corner of my Mom's yard. I picked a colander and a half and there were still hundreds of translucent, delicate red berries left in the patch.

Looks like Christmas in June!
With so many berries everywhere at once, one of my favorite things to do with them (beside cram as many in my mouth as possible) is to make jam with them, so I tried it out with the currants. Because I like seeds in my jam and I am impatient, I made jam with the entire fruit, but I think the regular practice is to drain the juice off and then make jelly with just the juice.

Love the little jars

Palate perfection

The farmer's market was as busy as I've ever seen it this Saturday and business was brisk; we have grass fed beef for sale and it was in high demand. Dan manages this cattle for someone else, then he purchases them, has them slaughtered and sells through his business; he is involved in their whole life cycle. A co-worker came out from Sacramento and bought some tri-tip which he said was the best meat he had ever eaten-it tasted sweet like candy! I still find it remarkable and encouraging to see so many people seek out quality food from local farmers and to see them consistently coming back because the quality is so high.

After the market, we barbecued 2 whole lambs for a special Greek dinner at Carpe Vino. It took about 3 hours of 'queing but the result was more than worth it!

And just a note of congratulations to childhood friend, Amy LePeilbet, and the US women's soccer team in the 2011 World Cup on their win against Korea Tuesday. Good luck in the rest of your games!!


  1. Nice looking jam! And the farmers market sounds great. My lips are wanting some BBQ now!

  2. Thanks Candy - we also sell at the Roseville Farmer's market on Tuesdays if you ever want to stop by - you will see a previous intern, Alice, manning the booth.