Monday, April 25, 2011

Those are some great expectations...

This Saturday did not go as I expected. And  it wasn't until I got back to Sac Sunday night and took a few minutes to reflect, that I really looked into the disappointment of my unmet expectations.

Working with the sheep on Saturdays has quickly become a highlight of my overly urban life; Saturdays are the days I look back at and forward to to get through a week at the office. This Saturday promised to be especially novel and exciting (to me at least) as Dan planned to do a sheep shearing demonstration at the farmers market.  Saturday morning came however and Dan was sick, too sick to shear or have me come out.  This threw me off; I make so many careful plans (and back up plans) and build up expectations based on these plans. When things don't work out as I expect, I feel like I've fallen from my tower of expectations into the muck of sadness and self pity. It can be a problem, not being able to control everything.

Despite feeling a bit mopey, the day was filled with interesting and novel experiences.  My Mom and I went out to the farmers market anyway, to get some produce and visit with some of the people I am getting to know there. We picked flowers on the way home, then worked in the yard (the radishes are ready!) My older brother (soon to be a new dad!), my Mom and I went for a hike to Hidden Falls in Auburn and saw green spring hills dotted with wildflowers.

Wild iris

Hidden Falls - uh, is the nature viewing deck really necessary?
On the way back we stopped a local winery, Dono dal Cielo and got a bottle of their '06 Zinfandel to share for Easter. Apparently Zinfandel grapes are the best variety to grow in the foothills. I like their Chardonnay also, but those grapes come from Sonoma County. My absolute favorite part of this visit was the stuttered protest and shocked look on our pourer's face when I reached for a tasting glass; he thought I was somewhere between the ages of 12 and 16 (I attempt to see this as a compliment :)

In reflection, I realize how many fun unplanned and unexpected activities we squeezed in on this suddenly free Saturday and how those activities left little time to dwell on the disappointment I felt in the morning. I had a wonderful day, I genuinely enjoyed the company and everything we did. This is difficult for me to absorb, but apparently spontaneous activities can go just as well as the meticulously thought out ones and they perhaps involve less stress, if I can just get out of my own way.

Easter was a special time with lovely people and though I often experience a let-down when holidays are over (again that mountain of expectation) I have found as close a cure for that as I am going to get right now - lots of excellent leftovers!

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