Friday, April 8, 2011

Sheep camp and veggie plants…Part 2

While sheep camp was fun and I’m glad we camped out, it wasn’t particularly clean or relaxing, so it was shower and nap time when I got back to my folks house.  After a short rest Matt and I were anxious to get out in the sunshine. It’s been so cold, rainy and windy lately that the sunshine felt like a big, warm hug from an old friend. We walked to my grammar school where the 6th graders recently built a 9-hole disc golf course.  I love playing disc golf as it gives me a chance to play around outside and there's no need to keep very good score.

We walked back home and found my Dad out prepping the garden area.  I was never much interested in helping outdoors when I was younger but I have come around a full 180 on this and much prefer being outdoors to working in an office all day.  I asked my Dad if I could help, donned my gardening hat to keep my neck from getting more sunburned and things took off from there.

We weeded the whole area and put down mulch (dead leaves) to keep the weeds from taking over again.  With the onset of spring it is time to get planting and I was anxious to get it going since I only have the occasional Sunday to do those things. So we took a trip to Eilsely’s Nursery to get some vegetable starts – including Brussels sprouts, eggplants, onions and three kinds of potatoes.  We got back and got most of it planted plus some plants to produce cut flowers for future bouquets or possibly selling at the farmers market??

It was a lot of work, but fun as well and an excellent learning experience.  I have never done much of anything like this and being a perfectionist I am real hard on myself if things don’t go perfectly or if I feel like I don’t know what I am doing.  But with patient teachers (my parents), Matt’s help and support and some grace for myself, I am on my way to developing my thumb, with dirt under the nail :)

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