Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Draft Horses - a classy way to pull your ride

"Land yachting" is the term that came to mind while watching draft horses and fancy wagons compete at the 25th(!) anniversary of the Draft Horse Classic in Grass Valley. Talk about horsepower! These massive, muscular and beautiful animals have largely become obsolete with the invention of railroad, cars, military vehicles and tractors. Those that have taken care to see that draft horse breeds don't disappear use them for different purposes these days, mainly showing them or for pulling contests. They are also still used on some small farms, mostly by the Amish, as an organic and renewable source of power.
Horse shoeing competition

Draft horses were used to deliver daily dairy products!
Part of the appeal is the many restored wagons folks bring to the show.  For the Americana competition there was a hearse, Santa's sleigh (and Santa!), a dusty stagecoach filled with travelers and luggage, a beer delivery wagon, a fire station wagon and more.

The setting of the Nevada County Fair Grounds, recognized as California's most beautiful fairgrounds and the onset of cool fall weather made this an event to remember.
Wishing I had more locally made Lazy Dog ice cream
And a bit of exciting news that is about to change my life...I was chosen for a 6 month internship at Toluma Farms, a goat dairy on the California Coast-I'll be heading there in November!

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