Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shear enjoyment-enthusiam-exhaustion

Sunday was a whirlwind of mad action, new people and interesting experiences. It was the final day of sheep shearing at Flying Mule Farm (about 90 sheep).  There were a lot of people who dropped by to see the action and to help including farmer's market customers, interns from nearby Riverhill Farm, parts of my family and some 4-H'ers.  Here are some pictures of the action.

Derek the pro shearer - around 2 minutes per sheep

Matt the pro pen sweeper

Skirting the fleece - picking off the yucky bits so the rest can be spun into yarn

Dan stomping the wool down in the big burlap sack

Sack o' wool

Loud sheep

Everybody happy (and quiet) back in the pasture
 Shearing is a big but necessary yearly job and I thoroughly enjoyed my introduction to it. The ice cold beers we enjoyed after it was all finished didn't hurt either~

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  1. In New Zealand (at least this was the case 40 years ago) - you'd have been the "Fleec'o" - the person who picked up the wool! Great blog!